Game Consoles List 2017; Bigger Storage, Better Performance Improves Gaming Experience

Playing game consoles are the favorite past time activity of the young ones and the young at heart. There are hundreds of exciting games that can be played with it. Players can choose from their all time favorite Super Mario to the latest Legend of Zelda games. Popular brands like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Nvidia eyes to give all gamers an improved gaming experience by improving their products’ specifications. Here’s a list of the best game consoles in the market right now.

Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft’s latest offering prides itself with a 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR. It has 100 game console exclusives and a vast storage of 500GB to 2TB. These are only some of the sought-after features of the Xbox One S. Users can also opt to personalize their gaming consoles by changing its headsets, controllers and media remotes. Their bundles are valued between $249-$349.

The good news for Xbox fans is, Microsoft will launch the new Xbox One X soon. It is tagged as the most powerful game console and is able to access the most advanced gaming network.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Included in the game consoles list 2017 is the Sony PS4 Slim that has HDR support with 500GB Hard Drive.  It carries the best exclusive games under Sony like the The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4: A thief’s End. Its worth $299 in most retail stores.

However, PS4 users need not to make that switch because base on its specifications, it’s very similar with the original PS4. It’s better to wait for the upcoming 1TB Gold PS4 Slim worth $250. Reports have circulated that it will be released this month but Sony has no updates as of the moment.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been part of many gamers’ childhood memories, so when the company released their latest console it was out of stock within a few minutes in some game stores. Why? Simple, the Nintendo Switch is hip, trendy and portable. Yes it can be played wherever and its so fun to use. Forget about the earlier glitches for they updated the system anyway, and its to enjoyable to even be bothered by minor issues.

Users can use one or two of the controllers depending on the game you choose.. It has motion controls and HD rumble or in plain words, an advanced vibration feature. You can play with friends at home, online or link up to 8 Switches all at the same time.

Nintendo Switch has a 32 GB internal memory and allows storage space expansion using microSDHC or microSDXC cards. The gray Nintendo Switch console is priced at $299.99. It includes the console itself, the Joy-Cons, HDMI cable, Joy-Con Grip, Switch dock, AC adapter and it also includes the wrist straps. Many users opt to buy additional accessories.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia truly innovates and the Nvidia Shiels TV is a testament that they take technology really seriously. This beast is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat through Android TV and Google Cast.

Its gaming features includes NVIDIA GeForce NOW game streaming service, NVIDIA GameStream and NVIDIA Share. It has a 16 GB storage (including system software) that is compatible with Sandisk Extreme 64GB CZ80, SanDisk Ultra 128GB and Corsair Flash Voyager Slider 128GB X1. The ultimate specification of this gaming giant is its processor, the 256-core GPU NVIDIA Tegra X1.

More gaming consoles will be released soon. Watch out for more details.

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