NBA Trade 2017: Butler To Timberwolves, Howard To Hornets Marks The Start Of The Newest NBA Season

Chicago Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler to Timberwolves WITHOUT Telling Him
Photo via The Fumble/ YouTube

The NBA Trade 2017 has barely started but blockbuster trades had already started.  Almost all teams are geared toward long term build during this NBA season. Jimmy Butler and Dwight Howard has new teams to play with and there are other controversial players that are still up for grabs. The wheeling and dealing will not stop on trade day. It will just intensify on the days to come.

NBA grapevine had already conceded the 2018 crown to the Golden State Warriors early.  LeBron James and his trusted Cavaliers obviously did not agree to this perception. But with the way things are going, many NBA fans and enthusiasts are predicting the same thing. With the big four of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green renewing their contract with the franchise, they look unstoppable. This is why other teams are not looking to invest in their players for a short term gain but looking past three to four years goal.

Jimmy Butler shipped to Minessota Timberwolves

Jimmy Butler has been considered as the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls for a couple of years now. That is the reason why a lot of Bull fans were surprised when his name appeared in trade rumors last year. Everybody seems to be scratching their heads. He is the youngest superstar on the team. Everybody was expecting the Bull’s team to be built around him.

So for the NBA Trade 2017, it did not surprise a lot of people when Jimmy Butler together with the Bulls’ No. 16 over-all draft were sent to Minessota Timberwolves on draft night. This move had reunited Jimmy Butler with former Bull’s coach Tom Thibodaux. In return, Chicago Bulls received Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the No. 7 overall pick. Both teams considered a trade a win on their side.  Both teams can now re-build their aspirations based on their choices. Despite what everybody’s opinion is, this writer scores the advantage for the Wolves on account of Butler’s resume.

Tracy McGrady Reacts To Dwight Howard's Trade To Hornets | The Jump
Photo via ESPN/ YouTube

Dwight Howard to Charlotte?

Atlanta Hawks big man Dwight Howard was reportedly sent to the Charlotte Hornets in a blockbuster trade. The trade involve the Hawks’ no. 31 pick.  The Charlotte Hornets for their part exchanged center Miles Plumlee, guard Marco Belinelli and the Charlotte Hornets’ no. 41 draft.  This was Howard’s third team in three seasons. People in know about the transaction remained anonymous for lack of authority to divulge the news.

Mess in New York

The entire New York Knicks organization sighed a sigh of relief when the Zen master Phil Jackson signed with them. The master tactician was famous for giving the Chicago Bulls six championship during his tenure as coach. The fans are now asking what went wrong. The Knicks are still not reaching the NBA playoffs.  They are now hearing rumors that Phil Jackson has put Kristaps Porzingis on the trading table.

In response to their disgust on the move, a supporter placed up a giant billboard just outside Madison Square Garden telling the Knicks not to trade Kristaps Porzingis. The young center is considered the future of the Knicks team. Jackson’s move was reportedly a response to Porzingis’ missing his exit interview at the end of last season. No deal was reached for a possible trade with the 7’3” star as of this writing.

In another front, the feud of Phil Jackson with Carmelo Anthony has not been resolved. Phil Jackson has been trying to unload him for the last two season. Cleveland fans are now dreaming of a scenario where Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade ends up with the team. If their contracts can be bought out by their respective teams, they can play with James even with a meager salary. This would be a perfect scenario for the Cavs return to the finals with the Warriors.

Paul George to Leave the Indiana Pacers Next Season

Paul George has already expressed his desire to leave the Pacers next season. He intends to sign up with the Los Angeles Lakers. George dreamt of giving the Pacers a championship last season but were swept by the Cavs in the playoffs. The Pacers organization are now in a race with time to trade him somewhere else before it expires. The Cavs are reportedly interested in his services and willing to trade Kevin Love for him.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin seeking Free Agency

There is still no news about the fate of Clippers’ stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Both players had already informed their team that they will seek free agency this year. Rumors are abound that Paul is interested in hearing the Spurs, Nuggets and the Rockets. Offers from the Rockets, Celtics and Thunders are expected for Griffin. Both players would however earn the most amount of money if they decide to re-sign with the Clippers.

The NBA season has barely started. There are a lot more superstars whose contract are ending or who can join free agency. This is not the end of the story for trade deals.  We shall be hearing more about them in the days to come. How about you our dear readers? Please give us your opinion on the matter and let’s have a hearty discussion about this.


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