Is LeBron James Really Leaving Cleveland Cavaliers Again?

CaptureLeBron James Planning to LEAVE Cleveland AGAIN to Join the Lakers!?
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LeBron James has become a hot topic in the sports circles after the disheartening loss of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA finals 2017. Rumors has been circulating that LeBron James is bound to transfer to the LA Lakers. Many are aware that he will be a free agent next season and with all the issues that is making a big buzz all around, there’s quite  number of fans and non-fans who are actually believing the story.

Moving to a West Team

Three years ago LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers to redeem himself when he bolted the team for Miami. He led the team to three finals appearance against the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs won one of their three trips to the finals. Last year LeBron signed a three-year deal with a player’s option on the third year. He will be a free agent again after the 2017 – 2018 season. It is rumored that he will use the option to join a team in the west.

LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers?

Fans of the Los Angeles are getting excited these days. Coffee shops and even the corner store abound with speculations that LeBron James is joining the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2018 season. It brought back memories of James leaving Cleveland for Miami years ago. This time his move will not be moving south but towards the west? It could be James’ last chance to beat the Golden State Warriors and win another ring.

A lot of LeBron’s business interest including his Hollywood dreams are in L.A. not to mention that he owns a house only 30 minutes away from the Staple Center. That is the home court of the L.A Lakers. There are other factors that can make this move come true. It is also said the LeBron’s wife would like to live in Los Angeles full time.

Los Angeles Clippers Also Eying LeBron James for 2018 Season

It is not just the L.A. Lakers who are interested in LeBron’s services. Their cousins, the Clippers who are also from Los Angeles are interested in grabbing him once his free agency comes around. The L.A. Clippers recently signed basketball great Jerry West for the front office. Their next move is to grab the biggest fish that will be available. They want to lure LeBron James hook, line, and sinker.

The franchise needs to make several things though to entice LeBron to join them. First, they need to convince Chris Paul, James’ close friend, to re-sign with them. Prevent Blake Griffin from leaving the team. Then, try to make a grab for Carmelo Anthony, another LeBron’s close friend, from the New York Knicks. With a super team to be built around him, it would be a great incentive to move.

LeBron James’ Legacy

It is true that it would be very hard for the Cleveland Cavaliers to improve their current roster. Aside from salary cap problems, they had also traded their draft rights in exchange for Kyle Korver and other superstars. It is also reported that another problem would be the Cavaliers’ not extending General Manager David Griffin in their team. It is besides the fact that the Golden State Warriors will still remain a super team wherever he is going.

LeBron James has already three rings on his fingers. He gave the Cavaliers their first NBA Championship trophy. Not to mention that it was the first major league championship the city of Cleveland has won in more than 50 years. He had already fulfilled his promise to his home state. Bring back a crown that the state of Ohio has been dreaming for more than a couple of generations.

On a more personal front, he already proved his greatness by playing in seven NBA Finals consecutively. He is the only eight-time triple-double player in the NBA Finals history. He had already surpassed Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other superstars in another department. Leaving his home state in a chase for another ring will ruin his hard earned legacy. He will be the subject of ridicule like Kevin Durant for leaving his home team to join an already super team to get a chance in the championship.

Many sports enthusiasts say that the worth of a man’s legacy is not based on the number of rings on his fingers. There are players who had more rings than him but were just lucky to belong to a superb team during their era. Nobody even remembered what their names were. In all Lebron James’ championships, he was the main player in the court. Leaving Cleveland again to chase the fourth ring will be throwing the very same legacy he dreams of protecting.


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