The Golden State Warriors Won Game 3 In Front of Shocked Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

The Cleveland Cavaliers fans were in full force during the NBA Finals Game 3 held in their home court. They were all in high spirits  but looks like luck was not on their side as the Golden State Warriors’ remained the victors of the recent game. The fans were shocked and dismayed for they hoped the Cavs will be able to recover from their last 2 games. Everyone thought the Cavaliers will already win based on their performance but the Warriors was so consistent with their play.

Popular Clichés.

The GSW and Cavs supporters were throwing different cliches against each other. Golden State Warriors fans were using “Close but no cigars” and “It’s all over but the stomping and the shouting” among the many posts seen on Facebook and Twitter. They have been using #sweeptheland hashtags in response to the Cavaliers’ #defendtheland.

In defense, the Cleveland Cavalier’s fans made several posts on their social media accounts. They’ve been posting “It’s not over till it’s all over” and of course the classic, “we will make history again” alternately. This is a reminder to the Warriors’ fans that the Cavs still won on a trail of 3 – 1 last year.

Great Play

For months now spectators are saying that this battle is a mismatch and somehow NBA Finals game 1 and 2 showed how defenseless the Cavs are. However, to everyone’s surprise, Game 3 manifested a stronger Cavaliers. For the first time since game 1, competitive basketball was played. The entire arena was on the edge of their seats since the scores were so close. Everybody’s fingers were crossed.

The Cleveland Cavaliers gave the Warriors a run for their money. The entire team with the exception of two or three players contributed. The defense was unseen in these series. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were on fire. It ended with the closest margin so far in the series.

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers REPLAY NBA Finals Game 3
Photo via IvanNichols350892/ YouTube

Fast and Furious

The Warriors arrived aiming for the jugular on the get go.  Converting eight triples In the first quarter alone.  Stifling defense prevented the Cavs from getting a clear grip on the game. Furious transition offense is seamless.  They lead the Cavs at halftime just like the first two games.

The Cavaliers were not to be intimidated.  They raised hell from the opening tip-off. Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith gave the game of their life. They answered everything that the Warriors have to give. For the first time in the series, they have the lead going into the final quarter.


Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers REPLAY NBA Finals Game 3
Photo via IvanNichols350892/ YouTube

 Incredible Warriors finish.

With 3 minutes 9 seconds remaining from the game, J.R Smith connected a three points shot to give the Cavs a six-points lead. The entire arena exploded. There would be a Game 5. The Cavs had done the impossible.  That was what everybody was thinking.  However, everybody thought wrong.

Any other team except the Golden State Warriors could have broken their backs.  They immediately responded with two unanswered baskets. Their patented defense had done its usual magic. Kevin Durant proved that he has ice in his veins by converting a triple in the dying seconds to give the Warriors a one-point lead. Not to be outdone, Iguodala made the most crucial stop preventing the Cavs to answer back. The Warriors made an 11 – 0 run in the dying minutes and stole game 3 in front of the Cavs home court. It looks like more people will be betting in favor of the Warriors on the next game.

Quo Vadis LeBron and the Cavs

No other team in NBA History had come back from a 0 -3 disadvantage. With this premise let us ask the question. Quo Vadis Cleveland Cavaliers? Is there still hope? Can they even win a game? Are we just going to wait for the fat lady to sing in favor of the Golden State Warriors?

Let your voice be heard. Post your comments in the comments box. your opinions matters.



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