The Golden State Warriors Crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers 132 -113 Anew for Game 2 Win

The storyline is a little bit different, but the result is still the same.  For the 2nd consecutive game, the Golden State Warriors crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers in their game 2 finals. It was the duo of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry who had done the most damage. They contributed a combined 65 points for game 2.

The game was close during the first half. Only three points separate the two ball clubs. The Warriors blew the game wide open during the dying minutes of the 3rd quarter. The Cavaliers never have an answer for the continued onslaught in the 4TH quarter.  Coach Ty Lue surrendered a few minutes before the end of the game by pulling his starters.

History Written, Records Broken

History was written and records were broken during the game. It is the first time in NBA history that a team went 14 – 0 in the postseason. LeBron James tied the record of Earvin ”Magic” Johnson with eight triple double in the finals.  Nobody else in the league has more than two.   He is the first player to make 10 assists in the first half of a Finals game. Lebron James became the 3rd NBA player with 300 career assist during Finals games.

LeBron’s and Steph’s triple-double is just the 2nd time that players of rival teams produced a triple-double performance during the postseason. The first time it happened was during a New York Knicks vs Milwaukee Bucks playoff’s game in 1970. Walt Frazier and Lew Alcindor were playing for the rival teams. Lew Alcindor later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kevin Durant became the 3rd player to score at least 25 points in his first seven NBA Finals appearance,

Support Scoring

Klay Thompson woke up from his playoff slump. He contributed 22 points including crucial triples for the cause.  Draymond Green delivered 12 points to his name. The Golden State Warriors bench produced 31 points. Livingston and Clark are in double figures.

Kevin Love became a factor in a finals game for the first time in his career. He scored 27 points in the losing cause of the Cavs, Kyrie Irving is somewhat off.  He contributed a very silent 19 points.  J.R Smith and Thompson are eerily very silent during the past two games.

USA Sports Today Livestream 24/7 NBA Finals Game 2: Warriors vs Cavalier 132-113
Photo via USA Today/ YouTube

Coach Steve Kerr returns

Golden State Warriors’ coach, Steve Kerr is back. After a six week of absence from the bench, Coach Steve Kerr declared he is back for good. He was on a leave of absence for back treatment.  The crowd at the Oracle Arena roared and cheered when his face was flashed in the giant board a few minutes before tipoff.  The last time Kerr coach a game was game 2 of their playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers.  Asst. Coach Mike Brown took the helm in his absence.  The Golden State Warriors were 11 – 0 under Mike Brown.

 Back to Cleveland

The third series of the best of seven games fly to Cleveland for Wednesday night. Fans are hoping that the Cavaliers’ bench will finally step to the plate on their home turf.  The Cleveland Cavaliers need to win the next two games to have a chance of winning the championship. The Golden State Warriors are just too powerful if they fall 3 – 1 again. Will it be #defendtheland which will fly or will it be #sweeptheland that will happen? Write your comments and reaction on the comment section and share what you think.


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