Golden State Warriors Humbled the Cleveland Cavaliers 113 – 91 In Game 1 Win

It was a total humiliation for the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Game 1 dust had settled. They suffered a humbling defeat on their perennial rival Golden State Warriors 113 – 91. It was the worst loss they suffered during the postseason.  The Warriors for their part tied an NBA record of 13 consecutive post season win.

It was a slow start for the Golden State Warriors in game 1. It was only in the latter part of the quarter when they got their rhythm. There was no doubt of the outcome after that. Kevin Durant dominated the quarter.  Not even LeBron James was able to stop him in the paint.

The game was still close at the end of the half. Only eight points separate the Warriors from the Cavs. Stephen Curry exploded in the third as they scored the first 13 points of the quarter. The Cavs replied with their own 8 – 0 explosion. But that was the last time they were able to try and turn things around.


Turnovers played a big role during the game.  The Cavs had 20 against the Warriors 4. James himself had eight turnovers to his name.  You can’t expect to win against the Warriors with sloppy ball handling. The Warriors four turnovers tied the league’s best in the finals while the Cavs 20 was the worst in the last 35 finals game.

Kevin Durant factor

It was Kevin Duran who gave the edge for the Golden State Warriors.  His 38 points, eight assists with eight rebound was a big factor for the win. His slam dunks energized the Warriors the whole game. Sloppy plays of the Cavs was totally taken advantage. The Cavaliers need serious thinking on how to slow him down in game two.

Kevin Durant had seven dunks In the first half alone. His team up with Stephen Curry had prevented every effort of the Cavs to come back. They totally negated Klay Thompson’s non-factor. Even Draymond Green contribution can be forgotten. KD and Curry were the biggest headaches in today’s game.

Support Scoring

LeBron James high scored for the Cavs. Kyrie Irving made his usual contribution too.  Kevin Love was not a total disappointment by adding 15 points to the cause. Korver, Deron Williams, JR Smith and the rest were never a factor. Everybody need to contribute if the Cavs plan to defeat the Warriors in this series.

Moving On

This is just the first game of at least four games in this year’s NBA Finals.  All is not yet lost for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They could still bounce back from this humbling loss and steal game 2.  They just need to control the ball better next time. Controlling Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry should be on their priority list if they want to win this championship. We hope game 1 will be a lesson Cleveland Cavaliers need to learn fast.


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