2017 NBA Finals: The Big Match And Other Sidebars

First Take Today Full Show 5/31/2017 - NBA Finals Game 1 Cavs vs Warriors: LeBron, Curry or Durant?
Photo via ESPN FIRST TAKE/ YouTube

The 2017 NBA Finals series will start with a big bang on June 1. This series is not just a dream match between the Golden State Warriors vs the Cleveland Cavaliers but it also has a lot of sidebars most fans are so excited about. Every sports enthusiast, Cavaliers and Warriors fans has a lot to say about this much-talked about basketball game this year. This series really has a lot in store for us.

Making History

Never before in the history of the NBA that two same teams fight for the crown three times in a row. Not even the historic Celtics – Lakers rivalry reached this kind of set-up. Other teams fought hard to prevent a 3-time pair up for the finals. With the level of competition in the league, this should have never happened. This makes 2017 NBA Finals historical and controversial.

LeBron James 7th straight finals appearance

This will be the 7th consecutive finals appearance for LeBron James. It’s a testament to his impact on the NBA. Bill Russel was the last player who achieved the feat. For the first time, a key player had taken two different teams to the finals four times each. This just raised the bar on what a key man of the team means.

Who Could be the Unlikely Heroes of the Series

Forget about Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry for the Warriors. Forget LeBron James and Kyrie Irving for the Cavs. These guys are expected to give their guts out during the NBA Finals. They are willing to die to bring home the trophy to their home turf again.

Klay Thompson

After being an almost non-factor during the playoffs, Klay Thompson can wake up from his slump. He could contribute an average of 20+ point per game during the finals. A lot of people are saying he was just out rotated by Kevin Durant and he could be back in form again. Please remember that Klay is one-half of the splash brothers. He has been a hero before, he can be a hero again.

Draymond Green

Draymond is a plus factor for the Warriors. With the addition of Durant, his influence is more psychological rather than actual. If he can focus more on the game, the Warriors have a better chance. He cannot afford to be suspended again. His team needs him in the entire series.

J.R. Smith

From a scorer to a defensive gem. J.R. is more famous for his treys but his defense showed during the playoff. If he can limit the explosiveness of either Curry or Thompson, it would be an advantage for the Cavs. Both teams have an abundance of firepower. The team who could limit the other team can make a difference in this series.

Kevin Love

In the consecutive finals game of the Cavaliers, Kevin Love was never a factor. He was injured on the first and was caught sleeping on the 2nd. A big contribution from this guy during the finals may well be the advantage the Cavs are looking for. Big games may be the tipping point for Cleveland to repeat from last year. The Cavs may opt to have him out next year if he does not report on form during the finals.

With a lot of sidebars, the 2017 NBA Finals is sure exciting. Records have been made and records will be crashed. Experts are favoring the Warriors to take home the trophy because of the addition of Duran in their line-up. But never underestimate the heart of the champions. The might give everybody a surprise nobody expects.


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