Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Battle for the 2017 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers is ready for a head to head battle against each other for the 2017 NBA Finals for the third time. This will be the very first time in the history of NBA that 2 same teams battled each other for 3 straight years. It can be recalled that in 2015 Golden State Warriors won the championship while the Cleveland Cavaliers won in 2016. This series will definitely give the bragging rights to the team that will bring the Larry O’Brien trophy home this season.

The 3rd installment of the series has already been predicted the minute the season started. It seems NBA fans already knew which teams will end up in the finals. It was hyped to the hilt when the GSW and CLE split their 2 regular season games. It became so evident when Kevin Durant left the Thunders and sign up with the already supercharged Warriors.  Not to be outdone, the Cavaliers signed up Kyle Korver, Deron Williams and even former GSW center Andrew Bogut to defend the land. Both teams did everything they can to reach this far.

It is too early to make predictions on which team will win this year,  both the GSW and CLE are equally strong and skilled.  Although some game supporters think the finals could reach Game 7 just like what happened last year. One thing is guaranteed though, both teams will do everything to outdo each other.

Team Advantage

The regular season paved the way for the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers to prepare for this championship series. Those games set the stage for the 3rd installment of the two teams in their NBA finals showdown. Not even the post-season playoff that ended 24 wins against a loss between the 2 teams and their opponents, can be considered as tune-ups.  Now that the preliminaries are over, it is time for regular NBA Season to begin.

It is time to analyze whose team has the advantage. The Golden State Warriors comes in the series more rested because they finished their own series earlier than the Cavs. Their key players played sparingly during their games going to the finals. Also, there was no sign of injuries from the entire team thus more players to rotate during crucial stretches.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, suffered a defeat before blowing away the Boston Celtics in five games. They learned their lesson well because of such loss. They were able to study their misses and miscalculation on that losing game.  They would know whom to go to if LeBron will have another night off.  They learned their lesson well.

Photo via NBA Highlights/ YouTube
Photo via NBA Highlights/ YouTube

Thoughts to Ponder

Even before the 2017 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals start, there are some tough questions that need to be answered. Are the fans more excited this time around compared to the last two series? Who among the Cavaliers will be most helpful aside from LeBron to defend the title? Will Kevin Love finally be a factor in a championship series? How will the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare to stop the BIG 4 of the great Golden State Warriors?

On the other hand, who is the most crucial player among the Golden State Warriors? Will Klay Thompson finally awaken from his slump?  How will Draymond Green affect the team this time around?  Will Coach Steve Kerr come back for the finals? And finally, how will GSW neutralize LeBron James?

Both teams had invested heavily this year.  Those investments are the reason why both teams are now fighting in the NBA final.

Experts expect at least six games to decide the outcome. But whoever wins this year, fans expect the rivalry to continue for a long time.

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers will be bringing their entire team, adding more fun and excitement to the much-awaited game of the year. All the fans and sports enthusiasts will surely enjoy watching the unfolding of the 2017 NBA Finals.



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